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Michelin, the industry expert in cruisers, recommends its MICHELIN Scorcher and MICHELIN Commander II ranges for your Harley-Davidson. Fill your motorcycle rides with the comfort and joy of being on the road.


For your electric bike or scooter, for daily trips or weekend excursions, choose MICHELIN Power Pure SC tires with their excellent grip and increased longevity.


Is there anything better than a sporty ride over rough, forgotten trails? The joy and the freedom you get from Enduro riding are like nothing else and MICHELIN Enduro Competition tires guarantee an very good sporty performance.


Whatever your interests and your playground of choice, take a look at the MICHELIN S12 XC and MICHELIN StarCross ranges, suited for all kinds of terrain, all bikes and all purposes.


For your small-engine (50-100cc) bike, Michelin suggests its MICHELIN City Pro and MICHELIN M45 ranges: robust tires that provide excellent value for money.


Get away from it all in extreme conditions; rally riding is a finely tuned blend of thrills and discovery. The MICHELIN Desert Race tire is perfect for getting you where you want to go.


Thanks to their versatility, roadsters are perfect for any and all of your city and road journeys. We advise you to take a look at our MICHELIN Pilot Road range in its various forms, as well as the MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 range.


For your scooter journeys in the city, Michelin suggests its MICHELIN City Grip, MICHELIN Pilot 4 Scooter or MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 Scooter tires. However you choose to use them, Michelin's specially designed scooter range guarantees safe and enjoyable riding.


To get the most out of your bike's performance on the track, Michelin recommends our MICHELIN Power range including the MICHELIN Power Rain, MICHELIN Power Slick Evo and the MICHELIN Power Cup Evo.

Sports Tourer

Choosing the right tires for a practical performance bike couldn't be more important. Opt for our MICHELIN Pilot Road ranges (Road 3, Road 4 and Road 4 GT) for safety

Step thru

Thanks to their lightweight design and easy riding style, getting to grips with riding an Underbone bike is simple, so you can gain precious minutes when riding in the city. Our MICHELIN Pilot Street and MICHELIN City Pro ranges provide optimal handling and grip.


If you like to mix it up between tarmac circuits and unsurfaced tracks, the MICHELIN Power Supermoto range is for you. Developed in collaboration with riders, these tires provide excellent handling and precise feedback.


If you enjoy an adventure behind the handlebars of your Trail bike, Michelin has developed a range to suit all of your needs: for journeys on the road, choose MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 Trail or MICHELIN Anakee III tires and if you want to get off the beaten path, Michelin recommends MICHELIN Anakee Wild tires.


Our MICHELIN Trial Light Competition and MICHELIN Trial X-Light Competition ranges guarantee softness, grip and durability no matter what obstacles you may find in your path.