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Harley-Davidson Fat Bob


A unique machine from the Harley-Davidson universe

The Fat Bob is a one-of-a-kind model from the Dyna line. Easily recognizable by its dual headlights in front, its impressive gas tank, and forged wheels, it’s impossible to not be moved by the Fat Bob. This machine has character, and a look that refuses to go unnoticed.

Recently reinvented in the "Dark Custom" series, the Fat Bob is darker and more imposing than ever. The machine exudes a spirit that is 100% made in the USA. But behind its intimidating appearance, the Fat Bob is a remarkably balanced motorcycle full of history.


Incredibly easy to handle

Despite its massive appearance, the Fat Bob is astonishingly easy to handle for a motorcycle of its size. The purring Twin Cam 103 engine with 1690cc moves the machine’s 700-plus pounds with no difficulty at all.

Never caught off-guard, the powerful torque gives the impression of being able to "cruise" in complete tranquility for hours on end, accompanied by the gentle hum of the Tommy Gun 2-1-2 exhaust. To stop such a beast, Harley-Davidson has taken care to equip the Fat Bob with dual brake discs in front, along with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), which has since become a standard for the Milwaukee manufacturer. A passenger seat lets two enjoy the Fat Bob experience at the same time.


A variety of influences

Behind its solid-looking frame, the Fat Bob is actually the fruit of several influences and inspirations. Its abruptly shortened mud flap in back provides it with a pared-down look reminiscent of the bobber. The riding position established by the machine, arms spread out and legs in front, remains true to the Harley-Davidson spirit.

The impressive fork, which straddles a 16-inch front wheel, is a nod to chopper culture. Inspired by the past, the Fat Bob is packed with American two-wheeler history, a crossroads of bobber and chopper influences.


MICHELIN Scorcher: Harley-Davidson's own personal line

For this unique motorcycle, Michelin engineers developed a unique tire: the MICHELIN Scorcher 32. Its tread allows for optimal water evacuation to ensure an excellent grip on wet surfaces. The tire’s bias-ply structure allows it to support the machine’s weight effortlessly, even with a passenger.

The tire’s diagonal frame reinforces the Fat Bob’s maneuverability, and makes it even more agile in town and on winding roads, without compromising safety. A performance powerhouse in the form of a tire featuring a distinctly vintage design puts the finishing touches on the Fat Bob’s look.

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