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Safe Riding

Why are tires important?

Tires play a vital role as part of your motorcycle or scooter, determining elements like geometry and equilibrium, and playing a critical role as the only links between the ground and the vehicle.

Did you know?

Your bike's footprint is not much bigger than a credit card.

And we ask a lot of them!

  • Transfer the power of the vehicle onto the road
  • Absorb irregularities in the roadv
  • Carry the full weight of the vehicle
  • Provide excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces when driving
  • Respond to the demands of braking and accelerating
  • Steer by mirroring the movements of the steering system
  • Last while guaranteeing good mileage


Your safety does not depend solely
on your vehicle or other drivers.

It also relies on your choice of tires. For your peace of mind and that of your loved ones, take the time to choose quality tires. Taking the time to choose the right tires is just as important as choosing your motorcycle or scooter.


How do I choose?

It is important to know what you will be using your tires for:

  1. Racing


    At the very heart of motorcycle races, with their adrenaline-fueled competition, powerful engines, and razor-sharp trajectories.
    Our circuit tire lines will provide you with even greater performance as well as optimum safety.

  2. Off-road


    In harmony with nature and always ready for whatever lies ahead, Off-road is a combination of demanding disciplines. Our complete line of Motocross, Enduro, Trial, and Rally raid tires was designed exclusively by our riders. They adapt to all of your favorite surfaces.

  3. Touring


    Trips and their long straight stretches, which split the landscape for as far as the eye can see, can nourish any imagination. Our tires, technological powerhouses, have been made with your comfort and safety in mind by optimizing maneuverability and grip.

  1. Commuting


    Every day, your motorcycle or scooter takes you all around the city. Our tires are optimized to satisfy an active and demanding riding style. Their renowned technologies ensure outstanding grip, premium handling, and the longest possible service lives.
    optimal, long-lasting handling.

  2. Adventure


    The joy of cruising with friends gathered for unique moments. Discover our extensive line of tires with its tried and tested longevity. With your absolute comfort and safety in mind, we incorporate our technology into your greatest journeys.

  3. Retro


    Whether legendary or vintage, retro is all the rage. When style is a must, the rules are broken and the most beautiful models see the light of day. Our exclusive line of tires highlights your motorcycle while providing unmatched riding comfort.