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Performance problems

It's not always easy to determine the causes and origins of the various performance issues. Performance problems can arise from the pneumatic tires (type of tire, inadequate pressure, etc.) and/or a change in the vehicle itself (accessory, load volume, etc.). Remember, the tire is not always the only culprit.



Sway control

Wave-like movement at a variable amplitude, whether in a straight line or along a curve, and starting at an average speed of around 90 mph.

Speed wobble

Speed Wobble

Harsh sideways movement of the steering wheel (fork moving back and forth), promptly and extremely fast, taking place mainly while accelerating and caused by an external agitation (bump, connector).



Sideways and maintained oscillation of the fork at low speed (< 60 mph) while decelerating.



Vibrations appearing near the fork/wheel in front at speeds of around 55 to 80 mph.

The tire is not always the only culprit.

Load distribution has a significant impact on the emergence (or not) or vehicular problems. Accessories which have been added on or altered (top case, luggage, body parts, windshield, grips, seat, wheels which are not the same as the originals, etc.) can, for example, also affect performance.