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Safe Riding

Age and performance



Excessive aging of a tire can affect its performance and even render it unusable.

That’s why there’s not necessarily a connection between the age of a tire and its aging, which depends exclusively on the conditions in which it was stored and the manner in which it was used.

For example, a new tire parked or stored next to a transformer can have irreversibly damaged (cracked) sidewalls within a few short days which will affect its performance and ability to withstand pressure.


Usage limit

If the legal or technical wear limit has been reached at any point of the tire tread, the tire absolutely must be replaced.

The technical limit is the one that is reached when the wear indicators have reached 0.8 mm (on MICHELIN tires). The legal limit, when it exists, prevails over the technical limit, for usually it is stricter than the technical one.


Tips for length of use

Pneumatic tires are made up of rubber-based materials and components whose properties are vital to the proper functioning of the tire

These properties evolve with time and depend on several factors influencing the tire during the entire length of its use: weather, storage conditions, usage conditions (load, speed, pressure, etc.). Aging factors are so variable that it is impossible to predict the service life of a tire with complete precision.

In addition to your own regular inspections, have your motorcycle/scooter tires checked periodically by a qualified professional.

After five years of use, have your tires checked annually.

To be on the safe side, replace your tire after ten years of use with a new one, even if it seems to be in satisfactory condition and has not reached its legal wear limit. This precaution must also be applied to inner tubes and rubber accessories (rims strips, e.g.), except those accessories for which separate instructions are provided by the manufacture, such as MICHELIN Bib Mousse.