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Proper inflation is vital for the safety and longevity of pneumatic tires. Respecting the tire pressures recommended by manufacturers contributes significantly to the proper functioning of your motorcycle. A tire gradually loses its air. It is therefore crucial that its pressure be checked before each ride. If the pressure is inspected after riding has begun, it is done on “hot tires.” When riding, the pressure actually increases, so never deflate a tire which has just been used.

Should the pressure be lower than the recommended one, it is necessary to add some air. For hot tires, you may consider the pressure to be correct if it is around 4 to 5 psi higher than the recommended pressure when cold.

After checking the pressure, don’t forget to replace the valve cap, which in addition to protecting the valve also seals the tire against water. It is recommended you change the valve with its cap each time the tire is treated, for it is a vital waterproofing component.


Recommended pressures

Depending on the terrain, weather conditions,
power of your motorcycle and its type of steering, MICHELIN recommends the following pressures:

MICHELIN Bib Mousse, the perfect MICHELIN off-road solution if you get a flat tire!

Invented by MICHELIN and designed for Rally Raid, Enduro, and Motocross motorcycles, here are few tips for using MICHELIN Bib Mousse:

  • Lighter than a reinforced tube, provides a pressure equivalent to 13 psi, and frees you from the hassles of a flat tire.
  • Designed for leisurely all-terrain use and solely with a MICHELIN brand tire.

The maximum riding speed for a tire equipped with MICHELIN Bib Mousse is 80 mph. It contains the marking NHS (Not for Highway Service). A motorcycle equipped with MICHELIN Bib Mousse must therefore not be driven on a highway.

MICHELIN Bib Mousse must not be stored for a long period of time at more than 86°F and should not be exposed to temperatures of more than 104°F.

MICHELIN Bib Mousse can be used for a maximum of 6 months from the time it is fitted to your motorcycle. This limit may be reduced significantly if your motorcycle is used extensively.

The service life of MICHELIN Bib Mousse can vary considerably depending on the severity of use and discipline practiced. For example, it will be shorter for Motocross than Enduro.

Before one quick step, Michelin recommends you gradually warm up the MICHELIN tire and MICHELIN Bib Mousse set at a moderate speed.

Every time a new or used MICHELIN Bib Mousse is fitted or refitted, the use of MICHELIN gel will optimize its service life by preventing overheating.



Storage and handling

Store your tires in a dry and ventilated area at room temperature, shielded from sunlight and bad weather, and far away from any chemicals, solvents, or hydrocarbons likely to alter the nature of the rubber; far away from any objects which could pierce the rubber (metal tips, wood, etc.); and far away from any heat sources or those near electrical discharges.


Trial tip

The design of rear Trial tires makes them difficult to install. There is a risk that the bead wires will become damaged during the installation. It is therefore crucial that you respect the mounting instructions when passing the rim hooks (lubricate, hold the opposite side of the bead against the hollow of the rim, and never apply force to the bead wire). When inflating, place a circle of rubber between the tire bead and the rim or use a strap tied tightly to the top of the tire to allow for the initial pressure intake.


The wear and tear of your tires

Studs are largely responsible for your tires being able to adhere to the ground. With wear and tear, this ability diminishes. Therefore, be sure to check the wear and tear of pneumatic tires often: visually inspect the height of the studs and the evenness of the wear. Tire pressure also has a direct impact on the wear and tear of pneumatic tires.


Two designations possible for one single tire size

Attention! Two designations exist for one single tire size.

  • Previous designation: Enduro, Desert, S12
  • New designation: StarCross, AC 10, Trial Light, and Xlight

For the Enduro, Desert, S12XC, and M12XC lines, the designation is determined by the tire width measured at the tire tread.

While for the StarCross, AC 10, Trial Light, and Xlight lines, the designation is based on the tire width measured at the sidewalls.

Thus, a 130/70-19 Motocross Competition S12XC corresponds to a 110/90-19 StarCross 5.