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Enduro takes place in a natural setting over loops
of around 50 miles each. It is one of the three main all-terrain motorcycle events, along with Motocross and Trial.

Each step is made up of timed trials called "time cards," and segments on roads open to traffic where a speed limit must be respected. Time cards can take place on three different kinds of terrains:

  • lines: time cards take place over a lined course
  • banners: time cards occur on a course marked off by banners
  • "extreme" courses composed of extremely technical jumping areas.
    In one single trial, Enduro riders must cross a variety of terrains: sand, mud, dirt roads, rocks. This means that Enduro pros need a tire which perfectly adapts to each of these different riding conditions. That’s why Michelin developed a multipurpose line, which meets these demands and which, incidentally, boasts 28 World Championship titles since 2000.